Modern communication has always been important to us; when our organization was founded in 2010, one of our first tasks was the creation of a public website. Since then, the website has gone through many iterations, but its core principles have remained the same.




Our website is built using several free and open source software projects. The pages are generated by Hugo, an open source static website engine. Since every part of our website is stored and accessed as simple HTML web pages, each load requires only that these files be served, in contrast with the database calls required in previous versions of the website.

Both the content and the design is maintained using git and the source code is publicly available on GitHub. When a new commit it pushed to the master branch, Travis CI, a continuous integration service, builds the website and deploys it to our host though FTP.

When deployed, we use several gulp tasks to optimize the delivery of content. HTML and CSS files are minified to speed delivery and reduce bandwidth. Gulp is also used to compile our stylesheet from LESS to CSS.

Web standards:


We support the current and previous version of every major browser.