2015 Cary Christmas Parade

by | Dec 30, 2015 | Off Season | 0 comments

A couple weeks before Christmas, we participated in the Cary Christmas Parade for the second time, allowing us to introduce our team and display our robots to our community. We lined up in the queue and prepared our float and robots for the route. As we were testing the robots minutes before the parade started, Trillian’s back wheel snapped, disabling her ability to drive the course. But don’t panic! We quickly adjusted and stationed Trillian at the back of the float alongside Benjy.

During the parade, students participated in every area; some stayed on the float controlling the robots and feed Trillian and Benjy frisbees and basketballs. Others walked the course, catching the flying objects from the robots and handing out candy. Having Trillian shoot frisbees and Benjy launch basketballs continuously through the parade route never ceased to amaze the thousands of kids and parents. One person even asked if they could get a robot instead of a handful of candy!

The Cary Christmas Parade this year was another enjoyable experience for our team and we had a lot of fun supporting and spreading FIRST and sharing our enthusiasm for STEM!