2024 Season – Week 1

by | Jan 16, 2024 | Build season

It’s the 1st week of the 2024 season, and the Hitchhikers are back in force. We held kickoff at a student’s house and immediately¬†after learning the game, we split into 3 groups to learn about the game, and to present to the rest of the team our findings and any things we thought they should be aware of.

At the workshop, we started by developing a solid game strategy, figuring out what we needed to accomplish instead of going straight to trying to figure out how too accomplish it, and we felt all the more confident for it.

This week, we designed an intake and shooter prototype, and got a first draft of our robot created in CAD. Something we found helpful was watching a lot of Robot in 3 Days videos for inspiration on our design, and planning everything out, even just making a basic sketch, before starting development on a prototype.

We’ve already learned a lot and are excited to see how the season pans out.¬†