Our primary goal is to build competitive robots.

Check out the robots we have built over the years!

YEAR: 2024

Game: Crescendo

Robot: Max Quordlepleen

What will “Max” look like and how well will he perform on the FIRST stage???

Time to make some MUSIC!

YEAR: 2023

Game: Charged Up!

Robot: Lunkwill

After years of debate, The Hitchhikers are finally going with a swerve drive. We procured four MK4i swerve drive modules during the off-season and spent time getting the software and controls working. Once the 2023 challenge was announced, the team was excited to work with newfound flexibility in maneuvering our robot. We also mounted an extendable arm designed to pick up and place cones and cubes, and meticulously engineered our robot to succeed at competitions. As a gritty and young team, we seek to push the boundaries of our imaginations, and adjust to whatever problems come our way. Similar to Lunkwill from HG2G, we seek to question deep thought and establish new solutions to whatever comes our way. Time to get #ChargedUp!.


GAME: Rapid React

ROBOT NAME: Baube Breeblbox

After 2 years of no competitions,  The Hitchhikers created Baube to collect balls from the ground and shoot them into a hoop and climb a set of parallel bars at different heights.

End up in the second alliance and placed second at the NC Finals. So close to having enough points to go to the World Competition.

YEAR: 2021

GAME: Infinite Recharge

ROBOT NAME: Marvin 2.1

This was a completely “at home” year, with no actual competitions against other robots. We spent our time on getting path following to work.

We are VERY VERY ready to get back on the field and play with and against other teams.


YEAR: 2020

GAME: Infinite Recharge

ROBOT NAME: Marvin 2.0

Picking  up soft foam balls and shooting them in to targets in the wall.

After 1 competition, the world shut down.

Which was very sad for us, as we had a robot with a rotating turret and automatic targeting. (Our robot caught a cold.)

We packed up everything, and waited.

YEAR: 2019

GAME: Destination: Deep Space

ROBOT NAME: Deep Thought

Picking up big balls and putting them in to boxes.

End game was climbing up on to a platform.

YEAR: 2018

GAME: First Power Up

ROBOT NAME: Grunthos

Picking up big cubes and stacking them.

YEAR: 2017

GAME: First Steamworks

ROBOT NAME: Slartibartfast

Picking up yellow whiffle balls and firing them into holes.

Lot’s of fun oin 2017!

YEAR: 2016

GAME: First Stronghold


Picking up balls and shooting them in to baskets.

YEAR: 2015

GAME: Recycle Rush


Picking up big boxes and stacking them high, with trash cans and pool noodles.

YEAR: 2014

GAME: Aerial Assist


Picking up REALLY BIG balls and throwing them.

YEAR: 2013

GAME: Ultimate Ascent

ROBOT NAME: Trillian

This year, we asked the robot to throw frisbees and climb a tower. Boy was it good at it’s job. Trillian grew up to be a ring-bearer at an alumni’s wedding. As of 2023, Trillian is still being used for demos.

YEAR: 2012

GAME: Rebound Rumble


This was a new year for us.

YEAR: 2011

GAME: Logo Motion


Year 1 for the Hitchhikers.

YEAR: 2010

GAME: Breakaway


The team was called the “Awkward Turtles”

YEAR: 2009

GAME: Lunacy


he team was called the “Awkward Turtles”

YEAR: 2008

GAME: First Overdrive


The team was called the “Awkward Turtles”

YEAR: 2007

GAME: Rack ‘n’ Roll


Our debut. 

YEAR: 2006

GAME: Aim High

ROBOT NAME: no robot

Didn’t compete – charging our batteries for next year.


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