The Day at the End of Build Season

by | Feb 21, 2012 | Build season | 0 comments

The final day is upon us all! After six weeks of frantic planning, building, and testing, bag and tag day is here. Before midnight tonight, every FRC team will have to stop working and put a bag around their robot. It will have no fresh air until their first regional competition. Then will begin a frantic three days of fixing and competing.

Today the Hitchhikers will begin their last long workday before a well-deserved break. Starting at nine, we will work until midnight when we zip Benjy away for just over a month until the South Carolina regional in Charleston, March 22th to 24th.

Many things remain to be tweaked on Benjy today, and our twitter feed will be updating with periodic reports on his status.

Remember teams! Zip by midnight, then take a hard-earned break. You’ve done well; you deserve it.

Upcoming dates:

  • Bag and tag: Today!
  • South Carolina regional: 30 days
  • North Carolina regional: 44 days
  • Championships in St. Louis: 67 days