Hitchhikers FAQS

How do I join?

The easiest way to join is by asking. Talk to a current or past member or mentor, or go the contact page and we will get in touch with you.

What kind of talent or capability do I need?

Enthusiasm is the only thing you really need. You can learn engineering principles in mechanics, software, electrical. You can learn business and marketing skills. 

How much time do I need?

We have events all year long, but most of work is done from beginning of January until end of March, a period known as the “Build Season.”  We meet as a team during the build season every evening on weekdays, and in the afternoon on the weekends. You do not have to attend all the meetings, but the more you attend, the more you will learn and have fun, and the better the robot will perform. 

How many competitions are there?

The Hitchhikers go to 2 competitions in the North Carolina District, usually the 2 closest to the Triangle area. If we have enough points, we go to the Finals. And, if we do well in the NC Finals, we get invited to attend the World Finals, which happens in Houston Texas.
You can see them on our Events page

Why are you named The Hitchhikers ?

The Hitchhikers Guide the Galaxy series of novels  has been the theme of our team from the beginning. All our robots are named after characters from the books, and we try to have all our shirts and banners reflect some theme from the books.

Here is some free information and resources for other FIRST Robotics Competition teams to use and look at. Also included is the team handbook for others looking to join the team or know what it’a about.

The Latest Posts

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2023 Season – NC District Championship

We had a lot of fun at the state championship. We were chosen in the 5th alliance, with Team 900, The Zebracorns, and Team 5518, Technowolves. Sadly, we got eliminated in Round 2 after a robot had a CAN error. We lost by 8 points after another robot hit us and we...