Mock Kickoff

by | Jan 24, 2016 | Off Season | 0 comments

At the beginning of the year, our team spent the afternoon with FRC Team 3229, Hawktimus Prime, and did a “mock kickoff” to better prepare for the official the following week. For the first portion of the afternoon, we went over tips on what to focus on and look at first when starting the robot build process. Afterwards, the mentors selected the 2006 FRC game, Aim High, and had our two teams work with each other in smaller groups to come up with strategy, using what we learned from the strategy tips session. Later on, each group shared the strategies they had come up with and then started working on ideas of robot designs. This experience helped Hawktimus Prime, our team, and the new team members, especially, know what to expect at a kickoff as well as know what to do and look for when analyzing a new FRC game.