Week 1 Update

by | Jan 25, 2016 | Build season | 0 comments

During this first week of the build season, we have worked hard at the build space, strategizing, designing, prototyping, and testing programming for our robot. The first couple days, we met with a couple other teams and brainstormed strategies. Once we figured out how we wanted to play Stronghold, we started working on drawing up plans for the robot and then started prototyping separate parts to test. The main piece we worked on was a shooter. We built one early on and tested different speeds and angles with various components.

So far, we have had a couple of issues, including building the shooter incorrectly at one point, but that gave us valuable learning moments and we were able to progress forward shortly after. By the end of the week, the shooter was working well and our programmers were also able to get vision tracking working.