2017 THOR

by | Jan 15, 2018 | Competitions | 0 comments

In 2013, we and three fellow NC teams founded the off-season competition Thundering Herd of Robots (THOR). Ever since then, we have continued to help out with THOR and participate in the tournament. This year was no different.

Training is the primary focus during the off-season, so the primary focus for THOR was to get our new students ready for the 2018 FRC game Power Up. In our makeshift Pit at the End of the Universe, there was a sign-up schedule for the Drive Team. The team took turns trying each role throughout the day. Despite a couple of electrical problems and a constantly changing Drive Team, we did well and finished qualifications ranked 10th.

During Alliance Selections, we were the first pick of the 5th alliance. At the end of the selections, our two alliance partners were Team 4816, Gadget Girls, and Team 5518, Techno Wolves. Our alliance did not advance beyond quarterfinals, but we gained something more important than a win and a trophy. All of the goals we set out to achieve at THOR were accomplished. Our new students learned some valuable lessons, we found some pretty talented drivers, and we all had an amazing time!