2018 Build Season: Week 3

by | Feb 1, 2018 | Build season | 0 comments

One of the big focuses of Week 3 was to finish our chassis and most of the other functions of the robot. Another focus of this week was to stay healthy!

This week, we have accomplished a lot in the building of our robot. However, we did not do so well in our goal of staying healthy. Quite a few of our students had to stay home due to illness. One of the students that got sick was our Robot Lead. While we were able to manage well without him, it was unfortunate to lose him for the week.

Health problems aside, at the end of Week 3, we had a finished chassis and cube collector, leaving us to continue working on what we call the “banana” for the climbing aspect of the game and our cube delivery system. Since our programmers had all of the parts coded that they could already, we were able to take our robot out for testing as soon as it was ready!

On the business side of things, we finalized the shirt and button designs. Now we just need to get started on the process of ordering them. We have also been making mice and babel fish for the competitions and writing up the Woodie Flowers Award submission.

Overall, it has been a productive week filled with fun. All of our new students are getting extremely involved with the team, and we are continuing to have high spirits despite the cold!