2019 Build Season: Week 2

by | Jan 25, 2019 | Build season | 0 comments

At the start of Week 2, we were hard at work making a CAD (Computer-Aided Design) model of our robot and continuing to prototype different robot mechanisms, including the hatch and cargo collector. After a few days, we had a more concrete CAD model of this year’s robot with space left for improvements and design changes. On our Programming Team, they finished updating our practice bot, Frankie, and tested driving code. They also spent a lot of time working on our vision system.

On the business and marketing side of the team, our team focused on finishing a draft of the Chairman’s write-up and updating our pit banners and robot cart. Continuing from the first week, we also spent quite a bit of time playing with ways to replace the buttons handed out at competitions with items that are cheaper and more unique to our team. Right now, we have decided to go with 3D printed thumb pins and handmade (but cheap and easy to make) fridge magnets. We also started to play with the idea of designing computer stickers to hand out.

Near the end of the week, we were able to go to Hangar6’s facility to construct parts of our chassis. Getting to precision cut our belly pan using a laser cutter was definitely a highlight of our visit! At the end of the week, we completed the main frame of the chassis, and we hope to get our gearboxes and wheels connected to the frame in the next few days!