2019 Build Season: Week 4

by | Feb 3, 2019 | Build season | 0 comments

During Week 4, our Mechanical Team finished attaching our lifting mechanism and the battery holder to our chassis and have begun to build a few things for the mechanism we are using for manipulating the cargo and hatches. On our Programming Team, they worked on fine-tuning our vision system on our practice bot, Frankie, and are currently waiting to test their code on our actual 2019 robot.

Over on the business and marketing side of the team, the Chairman’s write-up was finished and the designs for the back of the shirt, cart panels, and the banners were completed. The front design of the shirt are in its final stages, and the fridge magnets are almost done. This week, they also started to work on the mice we hand out at competitions.

This week, we also had one of our alum visit us, giving us the opportunity to sit down and catch up with a nice cup of tea!