2022 NC State Championship

by | Apr 10, 2022 | Competitions

After two competitions where we struggled with robot issues, we were excited to get a chance to go to the 2022 state finals!

Finally, it was time for the competition to start! On the day of load-in, we were ready for the competition and in high spirits, but we were also slightly apprehensive. We knew that we had a team history of getting difficult match schedules, especially at States, so it was with a nervous, eager anticipation that we waited for the match schedule to be released. Eventually, it was released late that night, and we immediately started looking over our schedule and comparing it to other teams’ schedules.

As expected, we had our ups and downs throughout the day. There were times that we performed quite well, times we were up against a tough alliance.  We also had a few matches where mechanical issues prevented us from showing and achieving our full potential.

Alliance selections quickly followed the end of qualification rounds, and we ended up getting picked at the end by the 2nd Alliance! We ended up in the finals! But came up short and placed 2nd overall in the competition. We won  the Imagery Award and missed qualifying for the World Championships in Houston by a few points.