Farewell, Marvin!


We have completed Marvin and it has been shipped off to sleep until competition in April. This entire build season was a blast. Everyone worked hard to create an incredible robot and had fun in the process. Though, not everything was all fun and games. There were a lot of mishaps and miscalculations. From cutting something a little too short to our power distribution board breaking, we had a whole cluster of problems.

It’s actually really amusing how, during the last fours days, every single problem that could arise, came up. Along with lack of sleep, Saturday through Monday was the most intense work we have experienced, but that didn’t stop us from laughing along the way. It has been a great build season and we enjoyed watching the robot come together piece by piece. And now we’re ready for the NC Regional.

Look out North Carolina, the Hitchhikers are here!

New Website Goes Live!

At 1:05 am on February 12, 2011, the Hitchhikers website left beta and was publicly released. Welcome to the new site! This layout was designed for ease of navigation, but also to look cool. Use the navigation bar below the site logo to easily move around the site. Check out the lates team news, read about us, check out our photo gallery, or watch for upcoming events, all right here!

So what’s new here? First of all we completely revamped the look and feel of the site. Instead of the old blocky feel of the previous site, we have a nice, smooth translucent look. We’ve added a news slider at the top of the home page, to provide instant and easy access to the latest news updates. We’ve also changed the format of the news posts, giving each post a dedicated page so it’s easier to find in the future, as well as adding an RSS feed so you can keep updated from the comfort of your RSS reader. Our about section retains most of its original content, though it is now more organized and easier to navigate. We’ve also added a gallery of photos and videos, so you can see the team in action. The new calendar page provides easy access to event information, whether it be a team build meeting, or the days of a competiton. Last but not least, the Resources section contains all your basic FRC needs, from forms and surveys to useful links to FRC-related documents, you can find it all here.

That’s about all the new stuff. We hope you like the new site, and happy Hitchhiking!