Frisbee Shooter

Our prototype Frisbee shooter for Ultimate Ascent overcame several different prototypes to reach its final version. During the course of the first week and a half, we designed and assembled various designs and configurations of our flywheel design.


The first day of build season is a very important time for us Hitchhikers for it is during that time that we start to formulate ideas about our design. This year was no different as some of our team members quickly noticed some changes with this year’s game and created some ideas that would be refined for the next few weeks.

Kickoff 2013 with The Hitchhikers

FIRST Robotics Competition teams from across the state of North Carolina gathering together in Dorton Arena can only mean one thing (well, two things actually, but excluding the North Carolina Regional, one thing): it is time for kickoff.

Kickoff is the start of a six week journey where FRC teams design, build, and program a robot to compete in that year’s game. This time around, we will be shooting discs and climbing pyramids in the 2013 FRC game, Ultimate Ascent.