So Long, and Thanks for All the Fun!

Well, the North Carolina Regional at Dorton Arena ended today. We placed twenty-sixth as a team out of the fifty-two in attendance. Many other teams fared very well, especially several of the rookie teams that participated. Team PyroTech placed seventh with a record of seven and three and won the Rookie All-Star and Highest Rookie Seed Awards. YETI Robotics went on to win the regional with the WiredCats and SPARK Robotics. Congratulations to all of you!

We, on the other hand, spent the entire competition plagued by different problems. Of our ten matches, only two went without a hitch and we hung logos in each of those matches. In the other matches, we shorted Jaguars (twice – which completely wreaks a mecanum drive), had the side of our arm’s pivot shaft fall out, had our minibot door fall open (makes driving a functioning mecanum drive hard), and had our USB cables smashed in our computer (making it impossible to plug in our joysticks and control our robot). Despite all this and the stress it caused, we all had fun and learned to work through it.

We also had the opportunity to work with XX3XY2, another rookie team. They had a robot, but no code for it. They had planned for several other teams to work with them and teach them LabView, only to have them unable to make the meetings. One of our students and one of our mentors took some of their time to work with them and got their computers set up and their robot moving.

Conversely, we struggled with our minibot for several weeks, and after burning out another motor Friday, Delphi E.L.I.T.E. extended a spare minibot to us. Even though we didn’t get it up in our last two matches, it sparked us to get our deployment system working so we can demo it in the off season, so we extend a big “Thank You!” to them!

We plan to be active until next build season, but just in case we don’t see you until then, see you next season!

The Regional at the End of the Universe

T-9 hours and counting! Tomorrow is the first day of the North Carolina FRC Regional at Dorton Arena in Raleigh. Uncrating begins at 7:45am and the pits open to everyone else at 8:30. We’ll be there bright and early to make final changes to our robot and get ready for the matches on Friday when things begin in earnest. Saturday finishes everything up with the final matches and playoffs. Come out and cheer the Hitchhikers on to victory!

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